Minnesota Now with Cathy Wurzer

Minnesota Now - March 20, 2023

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Two leaders of the Minnesota Department of Veterans Affairs were fired following allegations of a toxic culture at a veterans home. What's next for staff and residents?

A program in the Twin Cities is trying to address mental health crisis among LGBTQ youth. We'll talk about how this effort started and it’s expansion to St. Cloud.

Four Minnesota chefs were nominated for the James Beard award for best chef in the Midwest. MPR News host Cathy Wurzer talked to one nominee about what they’re eating for lunch.

Another meat processing company employed children as young as 13. MPR News host Cathy Wurzer spoke to an immigration attorney about how youth are ending up in these risky jobs.

On the spring equinox, Cathy Wurzer spoke with a dedicated bird watcher about her new book.

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