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From the archives: Underwater nature photographer David Doubilet

A diver being circled by a school of barracuda, Papua New Guinea.
Photo by David Doubilet

Renown underwater photographer David Doubilet has been donning a mask and flippers and descending into what he calls “the secret garden of the sea” since he was 12. What he saw there captivated him and eventually fueled his career.

He’s photographed powerful sharks, brightly colored fish, the splendor of the coral reefs and the destruction caused by warming oceans. He’s published 12 books chronicling his work and he regularly contributes to National Geographic.

In 2006, Doubilet visited Minneapolis to showcase his work and stopped by MPR News’ St. Paul studios to chat with host Kerri Miller about his passion. We are reviving the conversation now to continue our celebration of April as Animal Month on Big Books and Bold Ideas.


  • David Doubilet is considered to be one of the best underwater photographers in the world. He’s published a dozen books and and is a frequent contributor to National Geographic.

To listen to the full conversation you can use the audio player above.

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