Drew Brockington takes fans into 'meowter' space at Talking Volumes

Cats … in space?

It’s not a crazy notion for fans of Drew Brockington’s “CatStronauts,” who’ve devoured his graphic novels the way pilot Waffles eats a tuna fish sandwich.

After six books detailing the adventures of Waffles, Blanket, Pom-Pom and Major Meowser, Brockington recently launched a prequel series detailing the kittenhood adventures of siblings Waffles and Pancakes. How did they end up wanting to be catstronauts?

At a special Talking Volumes in Rochester, Minn., earlier this month, Brockington told MPR News host Kerri Miller about the “Waffles and Pancakes” books and why he first decided to send cats to outer space in the first place. Waffles also made a surprise appearance and took questions from kids in the audience.

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This is a show that will leave everyone “feline” good.


You can listen to the full conversation using the audio player above, or watch a video of the interview by clicking play on the main image.

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