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Money tips for young adults   

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Washington Post personal finance columnist Michelle Singletary (left) and MPR News senior economics contributor Chris Farrell share financial advice for young adults.
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This fall, many young adults who just graduated are starting new jobs and taking their first steps toward financial independence.

But there are daunting new expenses and an overwhelming amount to learn as you start to run your own financial life.

What money habits should you start early? How should you approach looming student loan payments? When retirement is forty years away, should you even think about it now?

Monday, MPR News host Angela Davis talks with two financial experts about launching your financial life in your twenties.


  • Michelle Singletary is a nationally syndicated personal finance columnist for the Washington Post. Her award-winning column is called “The Color of Money.” And she’s  the author of the book “What To Do With Your Money When Crisis Hits: A Survival Guide.”

  • Chris Farrell is senior economics contributor at Minnesota Public Radio. He’s also a senior contributor at Marketplace, American Public Media's nationally syndicated public radio business and economic program.

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