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Samira Ahmed on ‘This Book Won't Burn’

Coming up Friday at 11 a.m.

side by side of a woman and a book
Samira Ahmed is no stranger to book bans. Several of her novels have been pulled from library shelves. Her new YA novel, "This Book Won't Burn" is a response.
Book cover courtesy Hachette Book Group | Photo courtesy Erielle Bakkum

Noor Khan is still reeling from the disintegration of her family when she stumbles across a library cart stacked with books in her new small-town high school.

In her heart, she just wants to finish her senior year and get back to Chicago as quickly as possible.

But when she learns the books are being removed by a group of parents trying to ban literature they deem as obscene, she is enraged.

Will her values force her to act, even if doing so puts a target on her back? Or is the fight not worth the cost?

That’s the premise of Samira Ahmed’s new YA novel, “This Book Won’t Burn.” No stranger to book bans herself, Ahmed joins host Kerri Miller this week on Big Books and Bold Ideas to talk about the freedom to read and how teenagers today are finding the courage to act against a national movement to ban books.


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