Historic map coming to Minnesota
One of the world's rarest maps -- a massive print from 1602 showing the world with China as its center -- will soon be on permanent display at the University of Minnesota.
The tale behind 'The Messenger'
A new film opening in the Twin Cities this week called "The Messenger" tells the story of two soldiers on casualty notification duty -- telling next of kin about the death of a soldier.
'Casanova's Homecoming' returns home
This weekend, the Minnesota Opera returns to a milestone in its history, "Casanova's Homecoming" by Minneapolis composer Dominick Argento, and it's hoped this new production will relaunch the piece.
Gail Collins on women and history
New York Times columnist Gail Collins profiles women who lived through perhaps the most transformative time in history, from the 1960s until the present. This is when more women achieved success in politics, sports and the working world than ever before. Collins talked with Kerri Miller before an audience at MPR's UBS Forum on October 15.
80th anniversary of 1929 stock market crash
MPR's chief economics correspondent Chris Farrell joins Midday to discuss the stock market crash of 1929, and the lessons learned -- and not learned from that event. How does our economy today compare to 1929 and what does the future hold?
Historians Ed Ayers and Brian Balogh both say they entered the profession to have a better understanding of how the world we live in came to be. That's the driving force behind their scholarship, and the basis for their radio show. They join Midmorning to talk about the enduring lessons of American history.
Development plans underway for area near Fort Snelling
A tract of land near the old Fort Snelling is getting attention after standing largely neglected for decades. There are some new efforts to preserve and redevelop the historic site.
Tales from a socialist childhood
He grew up with the idea that the workers of America would one day rise up, overthrow capitalism, and create a new socialist society. His mother described it as a place where "all skateboards will be free." But author Said Sayrafiezadeh says all he really wanted was to be an average American kid.
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