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Duluth debates ordinance to crack down on homelessness encampments
The Duluth City Council is weighing a controversial ordinance making camping on city land a misdemeanor crime. Critics say it criminalizes homelessness. Duluth officials say the change would help get people services.
Homelessness advocacy groups push back against Duluth proposal to ban camping on city land
A proposal earlier this week from Duluth officials to make sleeping on city land a misdemeanor crime is getting pushback from social service agencies that serve people experiencing homelessness in the city.
Fargoans find safety, community in homeless encampment under First Avenue bridge
“None of us are where we want to be right now, you know what I mean?” James “Wax” Chloupek said. “So why would you want to push us away?" The city of Fargo is exploring options to address the camps.
One-year development moratorium halts Muslim-oriented project in Lino Lakes
Some residents say that would put too much stress on the city’s infrastructure. But backers of the project say the council’s move is thinly veiled Islamophobia.
As heat waves intensify, more public housing residents may get help with AC bills
For decades, public housing providers could subsidize heating bills but not air-conditioning. New Biden administration guidance changes that, but critics say it doesn’t go far enough.
Shelter closures make homelessness in greater Minnesota more precarious
People experiencing homelessness in greater Minnesota are more likely to be in what’s called “precarious shelter” and are also more likely to have higher rates of serious health issues.
How will Minneapolis respond to homelessness after SCOTUS says sleeping outside can be a crime?
In Minnesota’s largest city, public camping is illegal — but it doesn’t come with criminal consequences. Enrique Velázquez, Minneapolis director of regulatory services who oversees the city’s response to homeless encampments, says that is not likely to change.
Erosion continues after rain-swollen Blue Earth River claims home near Rapidan Dam
The rain-swollen Blue Earth River continued to carve a larger channel around the Rapidan Dam southwest of Mankato on Wednesday, after claiming a home near the dam the previous night.