Riham Feshir

Riham Feshir

Race, class and communities reporter


I’m a reporter on race, class and communities with a focus on immigration policy. Every day I ask myself, “How should I cover some of our nation’s most divisive issues of our time, tailored specifically to a Minnesota audience?” I’m constantly thinking about unique and interesting ways to tell stories for and about our diverse communities in the state while uncovering information that is lost in the daily news cycle. I try to show you how policy decisions are affecting real people, and explain complex systems in ways to help you understand how we got here. 

I spend a lot of time with sources, ask hard questions, and I may also ask really basic ones. In the end, I hope that my reporting expands the narrative of what it means to be an immigrant, a person of color and an Indigenous person in Minnesota. One of my goals is to cover people who are unauthorized to be in the United States and how they get by in their daily lives. Another is to explore how and why Black Minnesotans are experiencing some of the worst racial inequities in the country.

Race and ethnicity intersect with many of the issues we cover as journalists — education, criminal justice, economics, religion, the arts. I hope to tell nuanced stories that explore how these conversations are playing out across the state. 

What are some stories you’re curious about related to race, culture and identity in Minnesota? Contact me at @rihamfeshir on Twitter or by email.