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The search is over for 133 missing ballots in Minneapolis. A spokesman says city officials are giving up their search after failing to find the ballots in a warehouse where Minneapolis keeps its voting machines. In a statement, the spokesman said elections officials turned over the election night results and recount results for the precinct…
A spokesman for the city of Minneapolis says they are ending their search for the 133 missing ballots. Spokesman Matt Laible issued this statement: The City has turned over its election night results and recount results for this precinct to the Office of the Secretary of State, and the topic is on the agenda of…
DFL House Speaker Margaret Anderson Kelliher and DFL Senate Majority Leader Larry Pogemiller will be on MPR’s Midday today at 11.
Local elections officials in some counties will begin sorting rejected absentee ballots today (sans Houston County where officials say they found two that could have been wrongly rejected). The State Canvassing Board is awaiting a legal opinion to determine whether it can direct any wrongly rejected absentee ballots to be opened. The Pi Press says…
Secretary of State Mark Ritchie is on MPR’s Midday today at 11. It’s the final day of the recount. I’m sure he’ll also get a few questions about the missing votes in Minneapolis.
The recount was supposed to end today but an envelope containing 130 missing ballots is missing in Minneapolis. The Secretary of State’s office says they’re going to keep the count open in that precinct while elections officials search for the ballots. MPR, Forum Communications, AP, the Pi Press, the Star Tribune and MinnPost have stories.…
The search is on for 133 missing ballots in Minneapolis. The Minneapolis Elections Director initially said the ballots weren’t missing. Now she says they can’t find them. The Secretary of State’s office says they have until December 16th to find the ballots. The recount was supposed to be finished today….
An attorney for Republican Norm Coleman says he is withdrawing 650 ballot challenges after saying he would wait until the recount is finished on Friday. The move comes one day after Democrat Al Franken withdrew 633 challenges. Maybe we’ll see an arms race in the other direction after the two campaigns mounted challenges topping 6,000.…
The projected budget deficit over the next two years is $4.8 billion, according to several sources who have been briefed. That number does not include inflation. Gov. Pawlenty and state lawmakers will also be facing a $426 million budget deficit in the current budget cycle which ends in June. Story here.
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