The Daily Digest: 12-8-08

Local elections officials in some counties will begin sorting rejected absentee ballots today (sans Houston County where officials say they found two that could have been wrongly rejected). The State Canvassing Board is awaiting a legal opinion to determine whether it can direct any wrongly rejected absentee ballots to be opened.

The Pi Press says there will be many phases to the recount.

GOP Sen. Norm Coleman keeps the edge as the recount wraps up (nearly).

AP says the recount brings back memories of New Hampshire's recount in 1974.

Survey USA polls folks on the recount. A majority thinks it's been a fair process.

The Star Tribune says the next senator will play a pivotal role no matter which candidate wins.

Gov. Pawlenty weighs in on the recount leaving some to wonder why he isn't focused on other problems like....

State Budget

Gov. Pawlenty made a surprise visit to the House DFL caucus meeting on Saturday to talk about the budget. Hearings will start this week to examine how they get out of the $5.28 Billion hole.

The Star Tribune has a look at the daunting task facing Gov. Pawlenty and state lawmakers.

DFL Rep. Mindy Greiling tells nonprofits that they should change their strategy from "Don't cut us" to "Give us more."

WCCO says sports games could be on the table.


There has been some progress on the Big 3 bailout plan.

MPR takes you on a tour or vacant homes and the officials that make sure they stay vacant.

3M is cutting 1,800 jobs.

President-elect Obama says the economy is going to get worse before it gets better.

State Government

MPR says MnDOT has improved its minority hiring record.

Gov. Pawlenty is headed to Israel later this week for a trade mission.

The New York Times says setting renewable energy goals are the easy part for states.


DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is headed to Poland later this week to discuss climate change.


President-elect Barack Obama appoints Eric Shinseki as his head of Veterans Affairs.

The Star Tribune picks up on an earlier New York Times report that says gun owners are buying guns at a rapid clip in anticipation of tighter gun rules under Obama.


The Boston Globe says Mitt Romney is already running for president. Did he ever stop?

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