Minneapolis calls off search for ballots

The search is over for 133 missing ballots in Minneapolis. A spokesman says city officials are giving up their search after failing to find the ballots in a warehouse where Minneapolis keeps its voting machines. In a statement, the spokesman said elections officials turned over the election night results and recount results for the precinct where the ballots are missing to the Secretary of State's office. Secretary of State Mark Ritchie said he's disappointed that the missing votes couldn't be found but said the state canvassing board has options to make sure the votes are counted.

"It will be my job at the State Canvassing Board to take their report and make sure that we can fulfill this process. There are simple solutions to this. It would have been best to have found it but if it cannot be found then there are simple solutions to the problem created when one packet gets lost."

Ritchie said the canvassing board has used the vote totals recorded on Election Day when similar mistakes have been made. The manual recount will be completed once the Secretary of State's office receives the result from the precinct in question.

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