Minnesota's Opioid Epidemic

Stories of addiction, loss and recovery amid a public health crisis that has hit epidemic proportions.
Get Help: Naloxone, treatment centers, support and more

Minnesota opioid treatment clinics overwhelmed as needs rise, staffs shrink
Many of the state’s 16 opioid treatment programs are struggling to hire and retain licensed drug counselors as demand rises, but staff burnout is high. “We have people dying who are sitting on our waiting list, trying to get in,” one program director says.
Preventing fentanyl overdose deaths in Minnesota
Drug overdose deaths reached a record high in 2021, according to the CDC. And synthetic opioids like fentanyl were involved in about two-thirds of those deaths. On Thursday, MPR News guest host Chris Farrell discussed fentanyl in Minnesota and the work being done to prevent overdose deaths.
The companies, including Johnson & Johnson and McKesson, will admit no wrongdoing. Billions of dollars in payouts will fund drug treatment and harm reduction programs.
The DEA is warning of a rise in overdose deaths from fake drugs laced with fentanyl
In its first public safety alert in six years, the Drug Enforcement Administration says many counterfeit prescription drugs sold online contain a potentially lethal dose of the opioid.
Judge to decide: Was it 'unreasonable' to ship 81 million opioid pills to one small West Virginia city?
As a landmark federal opioid trial nears completion, West Virginia communities are demanding $2.5 billion in compensation. Drug firms say they acted responsibly in shipping millions of pills.
The attorney general said Minnesota's share could be as much as $337 million over 18 years, with significant payments frontloaded in the first five years. The spending will be overseen by Minnesota's Opioid Epidemic Response Advisory Council.
Minnesota will get $50M in Purdue Pharma settlement
State Attorney General Keith Ellison said the settlement money, paid out over nine years, will be overseen by the state’s opioid epidemic response advisory council and will be used for addiction prevention, treatment and recovery.
Sackler family empire poised to win immunity from opioid lawsuits
A federal bankruptcy judge cleared a plan for final vote by Purdue Pharma's creditors that would release members of the Sackler family and their financial empire from liability for the opioid crisis.
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