Author Steve Almond shares his obsessions

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(Not that You Asked)
"(Not that You Asked)" is the latest book from writer Steve Almond.
Courtesy of Random House

Writer Steve Almond is a guy who resigned from his job at Boston College by publishing an open letter in The Boston Globe. And he once tried to take on conservative talk show host Sean Hannity -- with little success.

Over the years, Almond has written about everything from heavy metal to KitKats. The topics in his new book "(Not That You Asked): Rants, Exploits, and Obsessions" range from the Oprah Book Club to fatherhood to his hero Kurt Vonnegut.

The Current's Mary Lucia talks with Steve Almond about depression, writing and how VH-1 tried to make him into a reality TV star after the release of his book "Candyfreak."