Rebounds in temperature a common this time of year

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Many areas of the state reported lows this morning of -30 degrees F or colder, perhaps the coldest readings we'll see this winter. NWS forecast guidance suggests a dramatic warm up this weekend as daytime highs rise into the 20s and 30s F, possibly even reaching 40 F. Is this remarkable? Not really. The historical climate records are full of winter temperature rebounds like this. Recall February 1996 when the state record low temperature of -60 degrees F was set at Tower, MN (St Louis County). Four days later the temperature in Tower was 91 degrees F warmer at 31 degrees F, and five days later it reached 108 degrees warmer at 48 degrees F! What a difference it makes going from the east side of an arctic high pressure system to the west side as these air masses pass across the continent.

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