Oberstar to hold hearings into NTSB investigation

Rep. Jim Oberstar
Rep. Jim Oberstar of Minnesota's 8th Congressional District.
MPR Photo/Mark Zdechlik

The National Transportation Safety Board's investigation of the I-35W bridge collapse will be the subject of public hearings - even if the board isn't the one conducting them.

Congressman Jim Oberstar's spokesman said the lawmaker will hold hearings this year on how the NTSB has handled the investigation. Spokesman John Schadl said that the hearings will take place in the House Transportation Committee. Oberstar's the chairman.

The committee would have done the hearings anyway as part of the NTSB reauthorization. But Schadl said the hearings will now have a specific focus on the investigative process.

Oberstar, a Minnesota Democrat, has been critical of the NTSB's handling of the investigation so far - including its decision not to hold a public hearing.

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