Congressional candidate late paying taxes

Dr. Brian Davis
Dr. Brian Davis is a radiation oncologist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He's running as a Republican in the 1st Congressional District, against incumbent DFLer Tim Walz.
MPR Photo/Sea Stachura

First District Republican candidate Brian Davis has paid his property taxes late every year for the last five years.

Davis's Rochester home was assessed $1,400 in penalties, fees and interest charges for late payments. On average he made each payment three and a half months late.

Davis says the late payments were an oversight.

"It's something that has come in the mail, and between my wife and I it's taken a while to pay it," said Davis. "It's not been a problem of us having the funds to pay it. It's just been a problem of us paying it late. I don't know how many times we've paid them late."

Davis has made late payments on all but one of his property taxes since 2003. Davis says he has a good credit history.

A spokesman for DFL Rep. Tim Walz, whom Davis is running against, called Davis a millionaire doctor who doesn't play by the rules.

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