Anti-war activists plan protest on last day of RNC

Anti-war protester
Katrina Plotz with the Anti-War Committee, speaks Wednesday in front of the Xcel Energy Center about her group's plans for a protest on the last day of the Republican Convention. Plotz says civil disobedience is possible.
MPR photo/Tom Weber

Organizers are planning a second anti-war protest during the Republican Convention, and they say this one could include civil disobedience.

The Anti-War Committee says it has a permit to rally at the Capitol, then walk to the Xcel Energy Center on the last day of the convention, Sept. 4.

Another large anti-war protest march is already in the works for Sept. 1, the first day of the convention.

Protest organizer Misty Rowan told reporters that the Sept. 1 protest is aiming for the biggest crowd, but the Sept. 4 event hopes to draw, in her words, "the most militant."

"We believe that day four is for the truly committed and for the people who really want to see change, and expect that to be a little harder to come to than just showing up with the kids and the balloons," said Rowan.

Rowan and others tried to soften their bluntness after using the word "militant." They added they're not planning to be violent, but some civil disobedience might be in the works.

The group also says it's not an anarchist group, but is working with other groups who are.

The committee says the permit is not for the time they wanted -- their hope was to be outside the Xcel Energy Center on Thursday evening, at the same time John McCain is inside accepting the GOP nomination for president.

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