Doctors reconsidering common cancer tests

The caduceus, a symbol of the medical profession.
Caduceus, an insignia representing Herme's staff, used as a symbol of the medical profession. Now doctors are recommending against some once-common methods of cancer screening.
MPR file photo

There's been a change in the guidelines concerning prostate cancer screening. The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force says the test could do more harm than good for men over age 75.

The change in recommendation comes on the heels of similar news about the effectiveness of breast self-examinations for women.

Both changes resulted from the same concern -- the previous recommendations were sending too many patients for testing procedures they didn't need. And there isn't enough evidence that those screenings actually prevented cancer deaths.

Dr. Jon Hallberg tells Minnesota Public Radio's Tom Crann why once-common tests are falling out of favor.

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