What does the new I-35W bridge mean to relatives of victims?


The new I-35W bridge is scheduled to open in days. When it does, there'll be a lot of attention on the structure, and its role as a thoroughfare for thousands of commuters.

But, on that same site back in August 2007, 13 people lost their lives. Many more who survived were injured or changed forever. So, how should the new bridge commemorate that? What kind of memorial is called for along the banks of the Mississippi?

Greg Jolstad
Greg Jolstad, a construction worker, fell into the Mississippi River when the I-35W bridge collapsed last year.
Photo courtesy of the St. Paul Pioneer Press

MPR's Tom Crann talked with Lisa Jolstad, the wife of Greg Jolstad, a construction worker from Mora, Minnesota who was killed when the bridge collapsed. He also talked with Lisa's 19-year-old daugter, Kim Wolfe, who was Greg's stepdaugher.

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