RNC protester to file first lawsuit against St. Paul

Anti-war protester Mick Kelly shows a large bruise where he says he was hit a day earlier, when police fired a beanbag at him in a protest during the Republican National Convention.
MPR Photo/Tim Post

The first major lawsuit in the wake of the Republican National Convention may soon be heading to court.

An anti-war protester is holding a news conference this afternoon to announce his plans to sue the city of St. Paul.

Mick Kelly is one of the organizers of the September first anti-war march, and has already sued the city this year after being arrested for passing out leaflets outside a Barack Obama campaign rally.

Peace Protesters
Anti-war protesters sit on John Ireland Bldv. near the Minnesota Historical Society near downtown St. Paul Thursday during the Republican National Convention.
MPR photo/Caroline Yang

He said he was struck by a foam-tipped round from a police weapon during a September 4 protest in St. Paul. Authorities blocked a march from the Capitol to downtown St. Paul that evening.

Kelly's lawyer, St. Paul attorney Ted Dooley, said they plan to serve notice on the cities of St. Paul, Bloomington and Minneapolis, as well as Ramsey County.

"Yeah, as far as I know, its the first suit. I haven't seen any others, and I think there will be others coming as the next weeks and months unfold," Dooley said.

Dooley said that his client will be seeking $250,000 in damages for the incident, and may include other parties as the case goes forward.

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