MPR's Michael Barone talks pipe organs and Pipe Dreams

Michael Barone in the MPR studios
Classical music host Michael Barone in the Collegeville studios of Minnesota Public Radio in the late 1970s. Barone just celebrated 40 years with Minnesota Public Radio. He's been the host and producer of the organ program Pipedreams nationally for 25 years.
MPR File Photo

Organ music lovers are rabid, but that's not my word, that's Michael Barone's. Our colleague here at Classical Minnesota Public Radio should know. He's one of the rabid ones.

Michael is celebrating a dual anniversary this year. He's been hosting music on Minnesota Public Radio for 40 years, and his organ show, Pipedreams has been on nationally for 25.

Well, there's a lot to be rabid about this year, especially Sunday. Believe it or not, it's also the International Year of the Organ. To celebrate, there's a festival on now around the Twin Cities called Piping Hot.

The event includes a big Organ Spectacular concert to mark the Pipedreams anniversary Sunday in Minneapolis at Central Lutheran Church.

Barone talked with Tom Crann about why he's one of those rabid fans of the organ.