Ballot challenge truce?

As the number of challenged ballots eclipses 3,500 (which continues to concern SOS Mark Ritchie), Norm Coleman's attorney, Fritz Knaak, calls for a truce.

"It has become apparent that both campaigns are engaged in a mounting game of ballot challenging that serves no useful purpose. This is not the way the recount process was intended to work, and we are trying the patience and goodwill of election officials and volunteers throughout the state. While the Franken Campaign began this morning challenging 25 ballots in one Sherburne County precinct, the vast majority without merit, it's obvious that our campaign volunteers felt the need to match these growing and unnecessary challenges throughout the day. This is an artificial game which has virtually no bearing on the outcome of this recount as we know that the vast majority of these challenges will be rejected before we even get to the Canvassing Board on December 16th. With that in mind, in the spirit of the Holidays, and to give respect to this process that it deserves, we ask you to join us tomorrow morning in standing down in the game of ballot challenge one upsmanship."

Question of the Day: Does it matter since both campaigns say they'll pull many of their challenges before the State Canvassing Board meets on December 16th?

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