Coleman spends $6.3 million since Election Day

Fundraising numbers from former Republican Sen. Norm Coleman's campaign show Coleman spent more than $6.3 million for his post-election recount battle.

That total includes money raised directly by Coleman's Senate campaign and a recount fund Coleman established.

Democrat Al Franken, who ended up winning the recount, brought more resources to the battle than Coleman. Franken's campaign spent more than $7.9 million between the end of the election and June.

Like Coleman, Franken benefited from a separate recount fund. The Democratic and Republican Parties also helped fund the recount battle.

Franken ended the second quarter of this year with more than $800,000 cash on hand. Coleman finished up with a little more than $675,000.

The total amount spent by both candidates for the campaign and post-election battle was more than $52 million.

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