The Tiny Circus is coming to town!


Last summer a group of artists got together in Grinnell, Iowa and created their own miniature travelling circus. Using a rehabbed vintage airstream trailer, the Tiny Circus travels from town to town, creating stop animation films that it calls "alternate histories." Past works include "The History of Smiles," "The History of Ghosts" and "The History of Popcorn."

This weekend the Tiny Circus is coming to St. Paul, to (fittingly) the Minnesota History Center. On Saturday, Tiny Circus' Carlos Ferguson will offer a half-day workshop on how to make your own stop-motion animation. The results of the workshop will be shown on Tuesday, August 11th, following the Minnesota History Center's "Nine Nights of Music" program.

Here's one of their recent works, "The History of Rain."

For more information on the workshop, click here.

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