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H1N1 flu sickens dozens at the U of M

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The University of Minnesota
The University of Minnesota
MPR Photo/Tim Post

The University of Minnesota is reporting dozens of probable cases of H1N1 flu, only a week after students returned to campus for the fall semester. 

John Finnegan, Dean of the School of Public Health, says they're assuming any student with flu symptoms has the H1N1 strain.  

  "Right now our Boynton Health Service, which is the primary health service that serves student needs, is seeing in the last week or so somewhere around 50 or 60 cases. We call these ILI cases, which means influenza-like illness," he said. 

Finnegan said it's likely there are many more cases that haven't been reported by students, because the symptoms are generally mild and pass in three to seven days.  Finnegan expects flu cases at the U to "spike rapidly" between now and mid-October.

The university wants students with flu-like symptoms to go home if possible.  If they can't leave campus, they're being asked to isolate themselves in their dorms.