Jake Armerding on Radio Heartland

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Jake Armerding
Singer / Songwriter Jake Armerding
Photo: David Wittig Photography

Jake Armerding is a singer and songwriter who had a musical foot in the door before he was even born. He hails from Massachusetts and his father was in a professional bluegrass band. So naturally, Jake began playing fiddle and soon earned a spot in the band, Northern Lights. As years went by, he began writing his own songs on guitar and eventually signed with the influential folk label Compass.

Jake's recent marriage brought him to his new home in Minneapolis. He's currently celebrating the release of his fifth studio album, "Her." The album is a collection of love songs and was largely funded by fans through Jake's "Truth and Beauty Fund." He stopped in the Radio Heartland studios recently to chat about his songs, his fans, and his new home.

Songs performed: "Whiskey Before Breakfast," "The Fleece," and "Harry/Sally."