In their own words: Zuhur Ahmed

Zuhur Ahmed at KFAI
Zuhur Ahmed works at KFAI in Minneapolis January 18, 2010.
MPR Photo/Laura Yuen

Zuhur Ahmed talks about how the search for identity and longing for connection can lead some young Somalis to join gangs. She explains why she chose to cover local Somali community news in Minnesota in her radio show.

"People are not covering the local issues, and that's where my heart has always been. Because I see the youth, and I see their struggles and I see their problems, and someone needs to be their voice because that's the voice they are crying for and no one is giving them.

And I know, right then was when my show started. My show was not popular at all because I was not covering politics and I was not covering what was going on back home rather I was covering young men who were killing each other in Cedar-Riverside."

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