Townships by the numbers

A couple of Baldwin residents have expressed surprise to learn they live in Minnesota's third largest township. Here are some other interesting bits of trivia about Minnesota townships I compiled using data from the Minnesota Association of Townships.

As of 2007, an estimated 937,585 Minnesotans lived in the state's 1,786 townships.

The smallest is Hangaard Township in Clearwater County. Population: 7.

The largest is White Bear Township in Ramsey County. Population: 11,802.

The second-largest is Big Lake Township, which like Baldwin is in Sherburne County. Population: 7,787.

The average Minnesota township population is 525.

While the overall number of townships in Minnesota has been declining slightly as they either become or merge with cities, there are new townships created from time to time. The most recent one was Clearwater County's Long Lost Lake Township. It was formed in 2005.

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