Ground Level Blog

Annandale watches special session for broadband help
Annandale managed to get an earmark for broadband funding in legislation this year, but Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed the bill, asking for more money for rural broadband but objecting to the city's special treatment.
DNR pushes ahead with its groundwater planning
The DNR's new approach makes it clear the agency retains ultimate authority over groundwater pumping but promises that stakeholders will get all the information they need.
Shifting rain could be lowering groundwater
New satellite data shows a decline in Minnesota's groundwater supplies and one scientist suggests a reason in addition to irrigation pumping might be that rain is falling at different times.
Dayton panel seeks $200 million more for broadband
The state's task force advising Gov. Mark Dayton on high speed Internet access has told the administration it should seek another $200 million in next year's legislative session.
Judge won’t place blame for White Bear Lake water woes
Ramsey District Judge Margaret Marrinan refused to decide by summary judgment whether the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is at fault for the low water levels in White Bear Lake.
New student housing at the University of Minnesota includes a system for collecting stormwater from the roof and using it to flush the toilets for 600 students.
$50M pipe might not restore White Bear Lake levels
A draft of a report by the Metropolitan Council says shifting some suburbs' reliance from groundwater to Mississippi River water could cost hundreds of millions of dollars. It also says piping water from the river to raise levels in White Bear Lake would cost $50 million but leave officials uncertain of the impact.