Erin Hart's "False Mermaid" and unsolved murder in St. Paul

Erin Hart
Erin Hart
Submitted photo

An unsolved murder down by the river in St. Paul gets more complicated when another body is found near the site five years later.

It's especially troubling to Nora Gavin, the sister of the original victim. The murder has haunted Nora as she's gone about her life in Ireland.

So, in Erin Hart's new mystery novel "False Mermaid," Nora comes back to Minnesota to try to get some questions answered. In the book, Hart's characters piece together clues between the shores of the Mississippi, and the sea cliffs of Donegal.

As you'd expect there's a lot of local color, in Minnesota and Ireland. And there are plenty of plot twists too numerous to mention.

Hart spoke to All Things Considered's Tom Crann about her new novel.

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