New airport signs going up tonight

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Airport signs
Over the next two weeks the 40 signs will be added or replaced along approaches to the airport on Interstate 494, Highway 5, Highway 62 and 34th Avenue.
MPR Photo / Bob Collins

Travelers unfamiliar with the two airline terminals at Minneapolis St. Paul airport will soon have new signs to direct them.

Metropolitan Airports Commission spokesman Patrick Hogan says workers tonight begin putting up the new signs on roadways leading to the airport. Hogan says many air travelers are confused because MSP unlike most airports in the country has two terminals on two different roads.

Hogan says the 40 new signs give travelers more information including a list of the airline names and which terminal they fly from.

"The other thing you'll notice is that Lindbergh terminal is now just called Terminal 1 on the signage and the Humphrey terminal is called Terminal 2," Hogan said.

Hogan says buses and trains will also have signs with the new information. The cost of the new signs is $1.4 million, paid for by Metropolitan Airports Commission revenue.


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