Bedlam Theatre floored, part two


Bedlam Theatre is still working on fixing the large hole in its "fireplace room," just below where there used to be a stage. In order to raise money for repairs, the theater company has decided to use the hole as a source of artistic inspiration. Tomorrow night from 8 - 11pm, people will dance in the hole, speak from the hole, or simply share how Bedlam fills their hole.

How does this work, you may ask? I checked with co-founder John Bueche, who says they've constructed a small stage in the fireplace room, and have covered up all the not-so-nice bits. The performances will be broadcast on a big screen on Bedlam's mainstage and lobby, so attendees can watch from where the floor is still just fine. There's no cover charge, and people at home will be able to stream the performances on their computers. The event will serve to inform people of the latest repairs, and solicit donations of time and talent.

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