Weekend Outlook: Epic


Theatre Novi Most presents "The Oldest Story in the World" at the Southern Theater

Theatre Novi Most presents "The Oldest Story in the World," a new telling of the epic Gilgamesh. Called "Humanity's First Story," Gilgamesh was carved into 11 clay tablets around 1700 BCE--a thousand years before The Iliad. Based on a historical King who reigned in Uruk (present day Iraq) Gilgamesh, upon losing a dear and intimate friend, becomes obsessed with finding the key to immortality, and in so doing, goes places no human is meant to see. Performances run this weekend and next at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis.

Want to see some really big art? This Saturday marks the 14th Annual Art and Artists Celebration at Franconia Sculpture Park

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with a daylong festival celebrating Franconia's artists, the new sculpture installations, and the community. There will be artist-led tours, dance, food, a graffiti project, live music and activities for the whole family.

Rochester Art Center celebrates five years of presenting new talent with "Vertical Currency." 20 emerging artists will take over the entire museum with their latest work.

Inspired by his seven-year collaboration with Walter Carter, a 102-year-old former sharecropper from the Mississippi Delta, Ralph Lemon's new four-part multimedia performance explores the complexities of impermanence and time. The first installment "How Can You Stay in the House All Day and Not Go Anywhere?" reminds us, as Lemon says, of "the special, ordinary, and inspiring human commonality of how one lives a life." Performances run tonight through Saturday at the Walker Art Center.

Anything that brings together Sonja Parks, Regina Marie Williams and Isabell Monk O'Connor is going to get me to see it. "A Cool Drink of Water" at Mixed Blood Theater imagines the family of A Raisin in the Sun living in upper middle class America in 2010. The characters take on everything from gentrification to modern-day feminism through the lens of contemporary African-America.

What does wealth look like? Minneapolis Institute of Arts presents "Embarrassment of Riches: Picturing Global Wealth" in which we see opulence and power through the eyes of several prominent photographers.