Farmer says state officials seized raw milk products

The southern Minnesota farmer at the center of a controversy over raw milk sales says the state agriculture department seized dairy products produced on the farm Tuesday in the Twin Cities.

Michael Hartmann says a delivery truck was stopped as it brought milk to customers. State officials say unpasteurized milk produced on the Hartmann has sickened at least 15 people since last spring. Hartmann says his farm has a constitutional right to sell the milk.

"I don't like it all when we're just trying to make a living and provide for the people who want what we got," Hartmann said. "And the state is interfering in our rights to sell and peddle the products of the farm."

State officials have not been available for comment. Hartmann has asked a district court judge to lift a state embargo on selling his products. So far, the judge has not issued a ruling in the case.