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Wayzata poet wins Newbery honor

Wayzata poet Joyce Sidman's collection "Dark Emperor and Other Poems of the Night" took one of the nations top literary prizes and became a Newbery Honor book. The poems grew out of Sidman's interest in nature - and her fear of the dark as a child.

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Music with Minnesotans: Matt Wehling

Those who have played their instruments using a Matt Wehling bow compare its playability to driving a Ferrari, but surprisingly Wheling is not a classical musician himself. He's been listening much more regularly to classical music recently - and much more carefully - mostly so he can understand what a client is looking for in a bow - and how to best make a sound.

Tapes n' Tapes performs in The Current studio

Formed out of Carleton College, this local quartet quickly found success and critically positive reviews from Pitchfork and Gorillas vs. Bear as well as signing to a major label within a year of their debut record.

Closing Dinkytown bookstore offers glimpse of the past

For years, students and professors at the University of Minnesota haven't had to travel far to find out-of-print titles and great bargains at used bookstores. But the selection is about to get smaller. Bill Biermaier, who has owned Biermaier's Books for 40 years, has decided it's a good time to retire.

The Kerri Miller Book Club: 'True Grit'

The new Coen brothers movie has brought Charles Portis's "True Grit" back into the public conscience. But the reclusive Portis has a rabid fan club that believes the book isn't his most significant contribution to American literature.

S. Carey performs live in The Current studios

Most notable for his work as the drummer of Wisconsin hailed Bon Iver, Sean Carey -- who goes by S. Carey -- unintentionally started a solo side project while on tour.

The Dinner Party Download featuring Paul Giamatti

This week on the Dinner Party Download, a joke from Singer-songwriter Henry Wolfe, a drink inspired by a famous political symbol, and a chat with the actor who singlehandedly decimated Merlot sales in the U.S. -- Paul Giamatti.