“Perennial Plate” goes national

The Perennial Plate Episode 40: Road Kill (Deer in the woods, Deer in the road) from Daniel Klein on Vimeo.

Last March, chef and filmmaker Daniel Klein launched his web-based series "The Perennial Plate" to inspire Minnesotans to look beyond the local farmers' market for sourcing their food close to home.

Over the past year The Perennial Plate has showcased everything from community gardens to road kill, with a heavy emphasis on the carnivorous diet. Klein's harvested wild rice and morel mushrooms, tapped maple syrup tried his hand at spear fishing, and even learned how to kill a squirrel and eat it.

Well all his hard work and adventure has paid off. The web-based news site Huffington Post has agreed to syndicate the series, and officially welcomed it to the site yesterday, stating "there will be knives, there will be blood, there will be guts, and it will be fascinating and captivating."

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