Should the president have an Internet kill switch?

Several U.S. Senators plan to introduce a bill that would give the president the power to restrict Internet traffic in the event of a cyber security emergency. Today's Question: Should the president have an "Internet kill switch" to limit damage to U.S. infrastructure in case of a cyber attack?

Here's some background reading from that Washington Post that susses out the pros and cons. Excerpt:

Greg Nojeim, director of the Center for Democracy and Technology's Project on Freedom, Security and Technology, said the bill is focused on cyber security emergency measures, not on squelching dissent. But he said the measure is not sufficient to ensure that such power to control Internet access is not abused.

"What if the authority the bill gives the government to shut down or limit Internet traffic was abused?" Nojeim said. "What would be the remedy? The bill does not allow for a remedy. There's no authority for an objective decision-maker to ensure the decision ... is properly based on a true emergency."

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Nasdaq computers have been under attack. What if attackers were able to damage the U.S. financial system in a widespread attack?

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