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Monday news and reviews


Mark Kozelek reflects on creativity and life as a traveling performer

Kozelek has been cited as one of the most underrated singer-songwriters in the past 20 years.

- Cindal Lee Heart, City Pages

Fleetwood Magic at the Turf Club, 3/12/11

I was honestly a little surprised at the internet buzz being generated about a tribute night planned for a band everyone's parents probably regarded as little more than a guilty pleasure way way back in the day.

- Nikki Miller, City Pages

Crystal Castles at First Avenue, 3/11/11

The stage was dark for the entire set, save for light bars flashing red, green, white and blue that looked stolen from the set of a '70s movie about '90s -- retro-futurism at it's best.

- Pat O'Brien, City Pages


With Twin Cities storyteller Kevin Kling at the center

History Theatre's latest show is not merely a play, but a playful take on the history of Minneapolis/St. Paul and Kling's life in Minnesota, spun into a batch of affectionately humorous stories.

- Pioneer Press (no writer credit given)