Duluth city council considers opposing anti-immigration bill

Duluth city councilors Patrick Boyle and Sharla Gardner are taking action against a Arizona-style immigration bill that's being considered in the Minnesota Legislature. The Duluth News Tribune reports the two will introduce a resolution against House File 3830.

The bill would require local police officers to enforce federal immigration laws. Opponents to the law, including the St. Paul and Minneapolis police chiefs, say it would erode necessary trust among immigrant communities. Duluth councilor Jay Fosle told the News Tribune, "If someone's afraid to call the cops, they probably shouldn't be here in the first place."

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Taconite is back, Iron Range revs up

Minnesota's iron ore industry has bounced back to full speed this spring, less than two years after hitting rock-bottom -- one of the fastest turnarounds in a century of mining (Duluth News Tribune).

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Aside from flood buyouts, real estate action slow on Red River

Fargo City Assessor Ben Hushka said a quick search by his office found only one sale of a house on the river since Jan. 1, 2009, that wasn't a flood buyout. Moorhead had four such sales during the same time period (Fargo Forum).

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Among the groaning frozen lakes

There are people who wish winter was over already. I don't think these people have spent a day enjoying the Boundary Waters Canoe Area during the winter (Boundary Waters blog).