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Musician Patty Larkin performed in studio on Midmorning this past week. (Photo by Jana Leon)

Hildur Victoria perform in The Current studio

Hildur Victoria's classic-sounding name comes from a band member's great-grandmother. They were originally going to be called Herringbone, but that reminded drummer Jeremy Hanson -- also of Tapes 'n Tapes -- too much of ska band Fishbone. So instead, that's what Hildur Victoria named their 2009 EP.

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Songwriter/guitarist Patty Larkin in-studio

Patty Larkin's been called both a "contemplative songwriter" and a "whoop-ass guitarist." To celebrate 25 years in the music business, she's put out an album of 25 of her most requested songs, recorded with 25 of her favorite artists.

Minnesota Historical Society soon to have new leadership at the helm

The state agency that preserves Minnesota's history will have a new leader as of May 1st. Steve Elliott will be replacing the previous director, Nina Archibald, who retired in January. Elliott is currently the president of the New York State Historical Association and the Farmers' Museum in Cooperstown, New York. MPR's Cathy Wurzer spoke with Elliott about his transition to the Midwest and the challenges he will face as the new director.

Rybak fires back at GOP lawmaker over 'wasteful spending' charge

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak fired back Tuesday after a Republican lawmaker accused the city of wasteful spending. State Rep. Steve Drazkowski, R-Mazeppa, made the comments during floor debate Monday on a proposal to eliminate local government aid to cities and counties. Drazkowski said Minneapolis is wasting state taxpayer money on a long list of programs, including funding for public art and the Target Center's green roof.

New Classical Tracks: Images of John Adams

A portrait is the image of a person. Most portraits come in the form of a painting, a drawing, a photograph or even a verbal description. French Canadian violinist Angele Dubeau and her ensemble La Pieta have been building a gallery of musical portraits. Their collection started with Philip Glass, then the Estonian composer Arvo Part, and now John Adams has been added to the display.

A Widow's Story: The story of Joyce Carol Oates

After publishing her first book in 1963, Joyce Carol Oates has since published over 50 novels, three of which were nominated for Pulitzer Prizes. Hear the interesting life of a proficient writer raised in a working-class family. (And at the end of the hour, Moira Buffini joins host Kerri Miller to discuss her screenplay for the new film adaptation of Charlotte Bronte's "Jane Eyre.")

British Sea Power perform live in The Current Studio

Famed for their live performances - which often include fake foliage, birds, and a 10-foot-tall stuffed bear - British Sea Power started collecting fans with a series of nightly shows called "Club Sea Power" in their hometown of Brighton, UK. The sextet have come a long way since then, producing three studio albums and the soundtrack to a 1934 documentary about the Aran Islands.

Tom McCarthy's own past inspired 'Win Win'

Writer, director, and actor Tom McCarthy leads a bifurcated life. To indie film fans he's known as the director of three acclaimed movies: "The Station Agent," "The Visitor," and now "Win Win," which opens in Minnesota this week. But McCarthy, who began his career as an actor in the Twin Cities, is still better known for his role in the HBO series "The Wire."

A foodie's delight: eating out, cooking at home

Gabrielle Hamilton is a chef, a restaurant owner, and a writer. In her book "Blood, Bones and Butter," Gabrielle explains there is more to life than just food (really) and calls on her own experiences for her culinary memoir.

Garrison Keillor interviews baseball historian John Thorn

Author and historian John Thorn was just named the Official Baseball Historian for Major League Baseball. He speaks with Garrison Keillor at the Fitzgerald Theater about the early history of baseball and his new book, "Baseball in the Garden of Eden: The Secret History of the Early Game," as part of a series of conversations sponsored by Common Good Books.

Cube Critics

As cube mates at Minnesota Public Radio News, arts reporter Euan Kerr and the Movie Maven Stephanie Curtis spend more time than they probably should engaged in cinema small talk. Today, it's box office receipts and mainstream movie gems on Cube Critics.

David Brooks at the Westminster Town Hall Forum

Author and New York Times columnist David Brooks discusses his new book, "The Social Animal," at the Westminster Town Hall forum. Brooks examines discoveries in neuroscience and cognition that reveal how life is shaped by imagination, emotion, and intuition.

Dinner Party Download and the movie 'Bellflower'

The guests of honor on this week's Dinner Party Download are Evan Glodell and Tyler Dawson -- filmmaker and actor, respectively, of a new film called "Bellflower."