MCAD Prez grows moustache for fundraiser


The president of Minneapolis College of Art and Design Jay Coogan has proved you can grow money by growing facial hair.

The fundraisers at MCAD convinced Coogan he should grow a "creepy, early-1970s mustache" if the staff and faculty raised an additional $1,000 for student scholarships. The gimmick gave an extra incentive for people to donate now to what is a perennial campaign.

According to MCAD's P-R man Rob Davis, the 'stache did the trick:

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In one week we have received gifts from 86 faculty and staff totaling more than $2,600! Nearly three-fourths of the gifts came from people who had never previously given, or hadn't given this year. Jay is already looking very scruffy, and next Friday, we'll get to see the mustache.

"I just thought a mustache would be funny." said Kate Mohn, executive assistant to Jay Coogan and the one responsible for the idea. She created the "'Stache" promotional image seen above.

Davis says MCAD is still (of course) accepting donations to the student scholarship fund - any gifts received through next Friday will be counted as "'stache inspired."