Simple, beautiful and so easy to make fun of

Every once in a while I click through Stumble Upon to see where it takes me, with a particular focus on arts-related destinations. Today, it wasn't so much the video I found, but the comments that caught my eye.

After watching the video above, I scrolled down to take a look at what other people thought of the idea. While some were quite appreciative, others had more fun with it. To wit:

landoncalling 18 hours ago

This piece really harkens back to early Chevalier de Parapluie. Really really powerful moving stuff guys.

landoncalling 18 hours ago

Oh my god, what a chilling interpretation of the plight of the American Indian. Absolutely brilliant. Every layer of color representing a hardship they've had to overcome. And at the center, a towering monolith representing their resilience whilst the war-paint drips down, leaving a trail of proverbial tears.

xlittlemermaidx 18 hours ago

@landoncalling I disagree, friend.  To me, it speaks of the Civil Rights Movement and the Anti War activities of the 60s. I have to say that the colors coming together, yet separate in nature speaks volumes of the racism and social problems we still have today. We've come together, yet we're so far apart. It's modern, yet it takes us back to a different time. Brilliant, this artist has moved us all.

DebGhi 1 day ago

I can now say that I have enjoyed the pleasure of watching paint dry.

Gotta love those art critics...

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