DNR considers lowering walleye harvest on Lake Mille Lacs

There's a chance the Department of Natural Resources could lower the number of walleye coming out of Lake Mille Lacs next spring.

Data is still in being analyzed, but so far the DNR says the lake's walleye population is in good shape. The concern is if winter fishing is too good on the lake, the state could exceed its allowable harvest.

Agency representatives and area business owners discussed the possible changes at a meeting in Hazelton Township Monday night.

Fred Dally, who runs the Red Door Resort on the lake's north shore, said resorts are closing because people don't want to fish at a lake where the regulations are too tight.

"Someway we gotta get the word out there that there are fish in this lake. I mean, I got the nicest resort on this lake and I can't keep 12

fish houses full. And the DNR's managing this for me? Don't make a lot of sense to me."

The DNR will likely make an official decision on catch limits in February.

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