Hiawatha light rail trains back to full service as Sabo bridge work continues

Bridge cable failure closes light rail tracks
Train tracks for the light rail pass under the Martin Olav Sabo Bridge Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2012, as workers attempt to stabilize the bridge after one of its support cable broke loose Sunday night. Light-rail service has been restored between the 38th Street and Franklin Avenue stations.
MPR Photo/Alex Kolyer

Hiawatha light rail trains disrupted after cables snapped on a bike and pedestrian bridge in south Minneapolis are back to their normal schedules as of Friday at 1:15 p.m.

The decision to reopen the Sabo Bridge was made by the bridge recovery team, which includes regional authorities and bridge experts, and Metro Transit. Workers have completed some inspections and installed supports under the Sabo Bridge.

Two suspension cables snapped Sunday on the bridge, leading to the closure of that portion of the light rail line and Hiawatha Avenue. Since the start of the week, passengers have been shepherded in buses between Franklin Avenue Station and 38th Street Station.

Minneapolis officials said Hiawatha Avenue is still closed as more inspections proceed, and that the Minnesota Department of Transit and bridge recovery group will decide when the highway is ready to reopen. The pedestrian and bike bridge isn't expect to reopen until repairs are complete.

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