The reviews are in for ‘Kingdom Undone’

What would it have been like to be on hand for the last days of the life of Jesus? Is there a way to experience this centuries old story in a way that feels fresh and new?

These were just a couple of the questions that inspired Jeremiah Gamble to write "Kingdom Undone" which runs through April 8 at the Southern Theater in Minneapolis.

Reviews have been generally strong and positive for this show, although critics have noted it still needs some editing (the piece runs just under three hours). Still they find the show to be "compelling theater."


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Kingdom Undone tells the story of the last days of Jesus

Image: Ken Magno

From Ed Huyck at City Pages:

With 16 actors, four musicians and a lot of story to cover, there's great ambition onstage. When it all comes together, such as the musical interludes created by Gamble and his wife, Vanessa (who also plays Magdelena), it can make for riveting theater.

From Graydon Royce at the Star Tribune:

It is notable for many reasons: the continuing dramatic rehabilitation of Judas' character; the palpable presence of a Jewish resistance movement in ancient Palestine; the sense of ebullient hope that Jesus (played by Jeremiah Gamble) elicited during his ministry, and the aching devastation at his capture...This has the potential to become an estimable piece in the Passion literature.

From John Olive at

Playwright Jeremiah Gamble (who plays Jesus and has composed, along with his wife Vanessa Gamble, the lovely music) has created a remarkably intelligent, if overlong, play based on this familiar material... Everyone's work, under the taut direction of Jeffrey S. Miller, is excellent.

Have you seen "Kingdom Undone?" If so, what did you think? Share your review in the comments section.