Feathered dinosaurs, the origin of the word ‘dude’ and Glen Campbell

Every week, Kerri chooses her favorite stories, interviews and songs from the week. Here's what she chose Friday:

NPR's Christopher Joyce introduced us to the Yutyrannus huali, a 30-foot-long feathered dinosaur.

Here is more on it from Slate:

Glen Campbell is playing Mystic Lake tonight in what he's calling his farewell tour. He learned several years ago that he has Alzheimer's. He and his wife spoke to WBUR's Robin Young about the disease and his decision to tour.

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Here is Campbell on Hee Haw from his heyday:

Last weekend, Kerri turned to her Twitter followers for some ideas while prepping for our show about the greatest living novelist.

@KerriMPR voice. Great writing is all about a strong, interesting voice that you want to "listen" to b/c it draws you in

— Arif Mamdani (@arifmamdani) April 7, 2012

Our guests John Freeman and Marjorie Kehe had really interesting responses to Arif's statement. You can hear it at 4:30 in the interview.

Linguist David Crystal joined Kerri to talk about the history of the English language and how we hunt down the origins of particular words like roe or even dude.

--Stephanie Curtis, social media host