Vikings stadium bill faces Monday test

A Vikings stadium bill is expected to get its next test at the Legislature on Monday. The measure won approval in a Senate committee Friday night and is on its way to the jobs commitee.

Republican Sen. Roger Chamberlain, of Lino Lakes, says the state could get a better deal than the $550 million dollar public subsidy in the current deal.

"Mr. Mondale sat in the hearing about a month ago and said the NFL was one of the most successfull business organizations in the country," Chamberlain said of Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission Chairman Ted Mondale. "Before that, [NFL Commissioner] Roger Goodell was on "60 Minutes" bragging about the TV contract they had in 2011, I believe it was. They have cash. They have money. And we're not asking them to give all their money or all their cash."

NFL officials in Minnesota said last week said the state could lose the team if it doesn't approve the tentative deal struck by the Dayton adminsitration the city of Minneapolis and the Vikings.

In the meantime, team vice president Lester Bagley stadium supporters are going to try and win floor votes before the Legislature adjourns this year.

"We'll get busy and get after the bill in the jobs committee in the Senate, and go after those votes, and at the same time try to shake it free House," he says, "So we're busy. We're working hard. And I woudl rather not get into guessing where this thing goes, what happens next."

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