Dancer, choreographer Deborah Jinza Thayer hit by car

Dancer and choreographer Deborah Jinza Thayer was set to perform a new solo work June 14-17 at Red Eye Theater as part of its new works series, but that now appears to be impossible.

Red Eye Theater's Miriam Must shared on Facebook the news that Thayer was run over by a car yesterday.

She has 4 cracked vertabrae and 2 cracked ribs, among other injuries. We will keep you posted on her condition and how to reach her. Right now she is not answering the phone, but has friends in the room with her. We will keep you posted about her condition and the best way/s to reach her and assist. Obviously, she will not be able to perform in two weeks...we will make an announcement about that weekend's offerings as soon as possible.

Thayer was to be part of a dance and theater double feature, alongside actor/musician Stephen Peabody.

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