How couples make friends and why it improves relationships

A few months ago, we spoke with Professor Geoffrey Grief about male friendships, and some of the troubles men have when it comes to making - and keeping - friends. The show got a huge response, and that got us thinking about all different kinds of friendships, and how those interactions shape our lives.

Geoffrey Grief is back this Wednesday to talk with us about friendships between couples and why those outside relationships are key to keeping your own relationship alive.

Grief and Kathleen Deal are the authors of a new book: "Two by Two: Couples and their Couple Friendships." They interviewed hundreds of individuals in committed relationships for their book, and they've found that couples who maintain a set of other couple friends tend to have happier and healthier marriages. Especially important, say the two, are the friendships you form with others early on in your relationship, as those connections can help bring a couple closer together.

If you're in a relationship - do you maintain a group of 'couple friends'? How have those friendships helped - or hurt - your relationship with your significant other?

Join us this Wednesday at 11 to talk couples friendship!

--Maddy Mahon, assistant producer

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