Joy Reidenberg on 'Inside Nature's Giants'

Joy Reidenberg
On PBS' 'Inside Nature's Giants,' anatomist Joy Reidenberg and vetrinary scientist Mark Evans dissected a sperm whale in Kent, England.
Courtesy Windfall Films

Have you ever wondered what the inside of a sperm whale looks like?

Joy Reidenberg knows. She's a comparative anatomist, going "Inside Nature's Giants" on the popular PBS series. She's cut open pythons, polar bears, elephants, sharks, and more than 400 whales - all in the name of finding adaptations that can have implications for humans. What drives her to do this and what has she found in those animals?

"We're so used to looking at the outside of the animal -- look how pretty it is, look how fast it can run," she told The New York Times. "But there's a lot of prettiness on the inside that people miss."

Reidenberg joined The Daily Circuit to talk about her discoveries.

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